More on Skins Machinima

(Via As we mentioned last Thursday, Kanien’keha:ka artist Skawennati is set to lead Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace’s (AbTeC) Skins Machinima Workshop in Vancouver this month, with six First Nations youth participating. They will learn machinima, a technique for filmmaking in virtual environments, and produce their own animated film. As we noted just after National […]

Sticks and Stones (Review)

Far away in San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily, Siciliambiente, an annual film festival focusing on environmental issues and social change welcomes documentaries, short films and animation from around the world. As the festival’s 2016 edition is about to start (July 19th to 24th), it’s a great occasion to talk about Isaac King and his animated […]

Up in a Plane (Review)

It’s been hard to find anything worth watching ever since I ran out of stuff to look at on Indieflix. Fortunately, the filmmakers of NSI have provided plenty of quick and simple shorts that are easy to review. Written, directed, and produced by Rachel Moore is this slightly odd yet meaningful animation. While it has […]

Juke-Bar (Review)

While Indieflix has run dry for me, I’ve had to find an alternative. I thought “Hey, maybe I won’t get so much weirdness now that Traveling is out of my reviews.” Boy, was I wrong. I still end up finding stuff that’s weirder than usual. And I’m not talking weird as Traveling. I’m talking much […]