Twoview: Shorts Fit for YouTube

The Lawson Chronicles With a name like that, you’d be expecting a full series, right? Nah, just a short movie about action and explosions. Starring and narrated by James Lawson (Phillip Ethan), who talks about how he’s been sent by the commissioner to take out a criminal by the name of Jack Tennison (Josh Van Haulteren) better known by his alias Call-Back-Jack. Jack has escaped the police once again ever since his experience in Juvenile Prison (he committed his first crime at eight years old) and is now hiding out in an abandoned warehouse. James tracks Jack there only to be met by a nasty surprise. Jack’s evil laughter along with a rigged explosive. How will our hero get out of this one? There wasn’t too much to this, it kind of got predictable near the end. It was done in a graphic novel form with still images and less movement. I hope there’s a series of this somewhere. The lighting and colouring was pretty impressive though.

Massacrator A girl (Daniella Jovanovic) randomly runs into a cemetery and trips before a tiny gravestone that reads “ELVIS”. Somehow the King of Rock (Matt Monatesse) comes to life looking nothing like the original and produces a motorcycle from his grave. Then they go for a ride and get caught in an abandoned house by a guy in a leather jacket (JP Flayeux). I don’t think I really got this one, the story was poorly written, a bit too fast paced and made no sense. The quality and special effects were on the extreme low end and the actors really weren’t acting too well at all.

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