Twoview: Shorts About Self-Saving

L19: Disposed – A short, short, very short film about an android. Once again Paul Whittington, who specializes in stop motion and android type things, brings a new film about struggling. Taking place in a mad scientist’s laboratory, the androids are doing their work of organizing the place when L19 accidentally touches a high voltage device causing him to malfunction and lose most of his limbs. The scientist throws L19 into the trash disposal and onto a conveyor belt where he ends up in the path of a garbage crusher. Now he must find a way to escape with only one hand. This could’ve been longer. The story was too short but it kept at a moderate pace, which was nice. The stop motion was flawless and really well done too.

Infinite Moments – Sarah Groundwater stars as a young woman in a self defense class. As the attacker for the class (Brian Eden) takes her on, she puts her skills to the test, using the methods as taught by her instructor (Karen Bennett). This really wasn’t much of a movie. It was scenes thrown together. Another one of those confusing switch-from-one-place-to-another scenarios. But it shows some visualization. What’s mainly noticeable is the character thinking of the attacker as some kind of masked burglar/rapist/whatever guy. But there’s hardly much going on. Even the credits seem to been paced slower just to add more time to this already short film. With a little more backstory, this would at least have been a worthwhile watch.

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