This Beautiful City (Review)

Well. If I have anything to say at all, it’s that this horrible movie called This Beautiful City was painful to watch. And I know painful. This movie is  pretty much the stories of five individuals whose lives go dramatically downhill from an accident at a building in Toronto.

There’s a dinner party happening at a couple’s house, and a whole lot happens in just one night. Harry (Noam Jenkins) and his wife Carol (Caroline Cave) enjoy themselves during the party and afterwards Carol goes outside to smoke and enjoy the view. Only then does she lose her balance and fall in front of crack-addict Johnny (Aaron Poole) and his equally crack-addicted girlfriend, Pretty (Kristin Booth). A police officer named Peter (Stuart Hughes) offers to help her and take her to the hospital.

After three months, Peter finds himself dealing with a bratty kid and his father who both beat him up after he tries to break up a fight between them. Johnny has been dealing with medical issues and later on tries to refund some money from a drug deal. Carol has recovered from her fall and is taking life slowly for now but has trouble adjusting to being at home. Pretty continues on with her addiction and eventually gets into a fight with Johnny after he realizes she’s getting worse. Officer Peter is almost as messed up as everyone else here, but he’s on a medical leave from his job as the force believes he’s a bit unstable at the moment.

I can think of so many things wrong with this movie. While some of the actors did do a decent job, the dialogue was awful, the sound and camerawork were unprofessional, and the whole story was just overall horribly done.

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