The Shortest Day (Sat Evening)

Thanks to schedule restrictions and whatnot, I didn’t have a lot of time for The Shortest Day, but it had about eight short films which were worth the watching. And a membership to get me to some other French Canadian screenings. (Because Travelling Productions is getting too abstract for me)

One Last Ride – I already covered this one at East Van showcase, but for those who didn’t read my article it’s about a broke actress who takes a taxi to an audition. What she can’t pay the driver in cash, they instead share an interest in music and bond about it on her ride to the audition and home.

Bacon and God’s Wrath – A Jewish woman (Razie Brownstone) tries forbidden food for the first time. She’s been afraid of doing so mainly because of how many consequences could be out there. This one was kind of strange but had it’s hilarious moments in animation.

The Wolf Who Came to Dinner – A little girl named Bea (Audrey Smallman) is very suspicious that her mother’s new boyfriend (Adrian Hough) is a werewolf. This was humorous and adorable to watch. They put quite some effort into that wolf costume too.

No Fish Where to Go – Two girls are best friends. Their little town gets invaded by tall black cloaked bird-masked terrorists who force everyone out. One girl has to find a new home for her little fish. I don’t get what’s up with the bird masks, but this film was still okay for what it was worth.

Call it Blue – An insurance salesman (Edward Charette) meets a girl (Natalie Krill) and it blossoms into a basic love story. This one was pretty basic but still interesting.

The Little Deputy – Trevor Anderson talks about his time at Edmonton Mall where he took a picture in a cowboy costume with his father. In the past, he nearly got dressed up as a woman. In the present day, he dresses up in drag to take the photo again. Once again, very powerful feelings.

The Pepperette – Two inexperienced thieves stop by a convenience store. However they fail to rob the store as one of them not knowing what to do runs in and out and of course buys a pepperette. Whoa, something French Canadian that I actually laughed at. This isn’t often.

Overpass – Something from Travelling Productions Festives. A young delinquent sprays a tag of some sort on an overpass, but it’s not just any ordinary tag. Some stuff could’ve been better explained. The ending was actually pretty well done before.

Bus Story – An animated story about a young woman who talks about how she always wanted to drive a school bus thinking how fun it could be. It doesn’t always turn out to be complete fun though. Nicely done story, and humorous too. I can almost relate.

(Photo: Unsplash)

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