The Messenger (Review)

This documentary dwells closely on how birds are like messengers of the other world. The main focus is songbirds. But there’s a lot more than one thinks.

Some people are working on a project to place mini tracking devices on birds and observe where they’re going so they figure out how long a bird’s life cycle lasts. It also discusses how birds communicate and explore places on their journeys of flight. Mainly the documentary focuses on how people identify birds and find out how to save them from getting killed off. Birds have to deal with many threats, from light pollution to predators and many other dangers. Fortunately there are some methods to prevent birds from dying off before potential extinction.

The documentary focuses very strongly on a fragile but strong species of animals that are shown to have a unique lifestyle. Birds dying off is far too common in almost every country and it’s unfortunate so many die a year. It is good to see so many people are doing what they can to make sure the birds stay alive though.

The songbirds are portrayed as graceful and majestic on their journeys. It’s kind of upsetting to see so many birds are going down due to head trauma. I really felt emotionally upset seeing as birds are not safe in the modern world of today. I have a huge passion for birds. Mainly because someone very close to me is fond of birds, having some of her own.

Tonight, try turning off as many lights as possible to cut down on confusion for the birds outside. It’s one small thing you can do to help them.

(Photo: SongbirdSOS Productions Inc)

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