The Incubus: Review

The Incubus is a horror film all the way back from 1982. Boy was this movie awkward. Not as awkward as Abraxas, but still awkward.

Based off a book by Ray Rogers, this is a movie all about a mysterious monster that lurks in the shadows. In the first scene, Mandy and Roy, a young couple at the beach, get assaulted at night by someone or something.

One boy named Tim is having nightmares about being approached by a hooded figure in a torture chamber. He is currently dating a girl named Jenny who lives with her overprotective father, Sam, the leading doctor at the town’s hospital. Jenny tells Tim about how two of their friends got assaulted at the beach. Mandy got severely injured and Roy has been killed. Tim is feeling uncomfortably sick from his nightmares and Sam has trouble figuring out what caused the injuries to Mandy. Later on at the town museum, the curator gets assaulted next in the most awkward death ever: surrounded by mannequins. Sam finds more people getting raped and killed by this strong force and discovers strange samples within the semen. At the same time, he tries to bond with Laura, a reporter for the newspaper who searches for at least some details.

The soundtrack was nasally, bizarre, and sounded way too much like something from Jaws. There wasn’t as much horror as there was awkward dialogue and scenes and that came off as strange and full of sexuality. While the horror was somewhat good, the action was a bit too slow. This film seemed a bit too repulsive for someone of my tastes but I can’t blame the filmmakers, who didn’t have much to work with.

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