The Hidden Sword (VIFF Review)

It’s in the 1930s, and we start out with a little war. There is one amazing fighter, known as Master Kong who travels alongside with his grandson Dingyi. As they move to a new home, they end up adopting an orphan named Qingqing and the years go by. Other people join their little home area including a female saleswoman, and a Chinese general with intentions to become just as good as Master Kong himself.

It’s a complex story that really makes you pay attention. Not just to the sword fighting techniques, but also to the paths of the characters themselves. The story itself practically goes on for over a decade. Plus, the movie is at quite a length itself it’s almost hard to tell when it’s going to end. But the whole film is incredible. The choreography in fighting is just so incredible to watch, the many different plot elements are quite a flavourful mix which shows it’s not just about sword fights, and the characters while there is a large majority of them, makes it all that more interesting. A great addition to VIFF, and I hope to see it going further in the world.

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