The Disillusionment of Anglesea Briggs (Review with Video)

Nowadays, I’ve been struggling to find something short to watch in a short period of time while balancing other issues. So I decided to watch a Short Film that got made in the Rain City Noir Fest Contest. This interesting film was actually one of the first ones made.

The movie stars a detective by the name of Anglesea Briggs (Angelo Renai) who sits at a bar enjoying a show, where he meets a lovely young lady named Dixie Dale (Malaika Millions). Driving home later on, the detective hears a report that Dixie got killed. The only witness (Ted Kellogg) also gets killed all of a sudden. Now the detective must figure out who the prime suspect (Dustin Doerkson) is — and manages to chase them down because they’ve paid a visit to his office.

What happens next is kind of cliche. But then the ending shapes everything out in an even more different manner.

This was an interesting film to watch though too short. Of course it was for a short film contest so it only made sense. I feel like the team should’ve made a full length feature of this because there certainly feels like this could be a whole lot more. The lighting was incredibly accurate for a film noir and it’s amazing how they made the foggy alley look for some exterior shots. Even more interesting how they managed to pull this off without any budget at all. I guess somebody was able to provide their workplace as a location.

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