The Buckley Brothers (Review)

The delightful story of two half-brothers who live out in the countryside. A mockumentary at most.

But this comedy starts out with a foreword by farmer Judy Buckley (Teri Lorretto) as she brings up the origin of her two sons, Sam and Seb Buckley. In the beginning, Judy was in a relationship with a black army general named Errol (Cliff Ware). But they split up for unknown reasons. Judy gave birth to a baby which she named after her mother Samantha, but they call him Sam (Kelley Oliver) for short. Two years later, Judy and her husband Earl (Robert Reynolds) have another baby and name him after Earl’s father Sebastian (Seamus Patterson) or Seb for short.

I didn’t make this up, the writer did. I’m serious. Despite the two looking completely different, they consider themselves twins. Sam is black, has shorter hair, and is heavyset. Seb is white, has bushy-ish hair, and is skinny. However, they wear the same outfits, both have their grandmother’s bad eyesight, and they share a close personal bond with each other. Oftentimes, they switch places with each other to fool friends and family and everyone plays along.

Judy and Earl explain they’ve tried to figure out the truth and reasons behind this odd quirky behaviour, like having the typical talk about differences, taking them to the eye doctor to check if they’re colour-blind, and even introducing Sam to his biological father. Somehow, nothing seems to break this bond between the two brothers.

This was both heartwarming and funny to watch. The actors act like they really show a close personal bond with each other, and it almost seemed like a real family taking part in a real documentary. The entire setup was put well together, and the farm scenery was authentic and interesting.

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