The Briss (Review)

Well, I guess it is a Briss in a way. As in, it’s probably what a briss feels like. Where did Mitch Moldofsky come up with such an awkward idea? Just watching this was… well…

Our film opens up, not surprisingly, at a Jewish circumcision ceremony, complete with utensils, a grand feast, and some kid playing piano. Two of the attendees happen to be a young couple acted by Lori Pearlstein and Christopher Robertson as Sonya and Graham. Sonya has randomly decided they should split up and all for what reason? Sonya believes he should find someone new. And there are some attendees who discuss the advantages and disadvantages. Graham comes to the ceremony and Sonya meets the lucky mom, Maxine (Kira Callahan) as she helps burp the little goober.

The discussions going on through this whole ceremony get more and more awkward. Graham and Sonya argue some more. The film is back and forth chatter between the two while they go in between jabbering with the other attendees, such as people discussing the purpose, to Maxine suggesting how it might go and there’s always one or two crazy guys at some gathering of some sort. I can’t go into detail because well, okay fine. I’ll cut (no pun intended) to the chase.

Aside from the stupid semi-funny dialogue, it seems like not everyone was acting legit. The story was so poorly arranged that the ending didn’t seem quite sorted out to me. I kind of wish the sound wasn’t so good so that I didn’t have to hear almost everything. I will applaud the crew for setting things up properly, but Moldofsky’s film isn’t a great conversation starter as the description said it was.

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