The Bloody Brood (Review)

This is a very old fashioned film. By that I mean it was made all the way back in 1959. It’s not often I find something like this online of all places.

The movie starts out with Nico (Peter Falk) and several of his friends in a cafe, talking about the possibility of the world ending. Suddenly an old man randomly dies and nobody knows who he even was. Then suddenly it cuts to the guys having a party hosted by Nico in his friend’s apartment. Nico later gets together with his friend Francis (Ron Hartmann) to plan a murder. Why? Because he wants to decide who will die for what reason and when. Nico wants the power of death.

The first death is a young man named Roy (William Kowalchuk) who simply delivers a telegram at the house Nico is at. This gets the attention of his brother Cliff (Jack Betts) who wants to find the criminal responsible and exact revenge. When the local detective Macleod (Robert Christie) comes to interview Nico regarding Roy’s death, Nico shows a crazy attitude towards the incident and claims he’ll look for the murderer. Eventually, Cliff talks to Nico’s friend Francis and meets up with Nico later on. However Nico doesn’t seem to recognize Cliff who claims he’s met Nico a while back. Nico and and Francis soon realize they’ve got to take care of some more issues such as Cliff.

Okay, this film wasn’t very well paced for something that sounded like a horror. The story was slow, and it seemed like some actors needed a little bit more practice. In fact, the whole thing looked kind of cheap. The cinematography is somewhat better than the  story itself and the soundtrack isn’t very much either. But this was made years ago, and times must’ve been tough back then. Not the best film to watch, but I give credit to Peter Falk. That guy was really good at acting.

The movie can be viewed here.

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