The Ascension of Micky’s Piano

The Ascension of Micky’s Piano is a short artistic film about a woman named Micky talking about her family and the piano being played.

As Micky narrates, an unknown man in a jumpsuit plays slow sad music on the piano to help set the mood. Micky talks about her sister, and other people who enjoyed playing the piano. Micky also talks about when her parents first bought the piano, when they were only teenagers. The piano stayed on a farm after being bought in a store for $500.

After being at the farm for a long time, it eventually gets moved to Micky’s uncle’s house  in Regina and shortly afterwards goes to Micky, who has very little talent in playing the piano. Therefore she decides it should be burned. The man who was playing during her narration then sets the piano on fire with a flamethrower as Micky says it’s not a sign of destruction, but a symbol of something more.

Micky says she wants to say goodbye to the old times of the 20th century when children played piano and people shared memories with an amazing instrument. She also uses it as a way to say goodbye to piano manufacturers and celebrate the newfound ways of playing electric keyboards. As the piano burns on and on, Micky states it also celebrates the new computer technology of today where people  have built-in pianos. Micky also describes many other artistic details of what the burning of the piano represents and some more of the piano being played is heard throughout the film.

This was actually a very sad and moving film with a powerful message. I don’t think I’ve seen anything as beautiful as this. It was sad to see a piece of history burn to ashes but the message all about it made sense and showed that the disappearance of everything isn’t always bad, maybe sometimes it’s for the better.

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