Tapeworm – Infectious Plot with a Multitude of Storylines

Normally, I don’t react a whole lot to any kind of movies but when something makes me squeamish within the first few minutes, that’s a good sign it’s a great film. Or is it? Sometimes when the film has more than one story, it makes people pay more attention. But is it always that good? In my experience, yes (kind of) and no (sort of). 

The film starts out with our protagonist, a man (Adam Brooks) who needs to use a bathroom fast. When the nearest gas station’s washroom is occupied, he has no choice but to resort to a nature call in nature. Shortly after doing so, it’s the most disgusting visual I’ve ever seen. He decides to check out what else nature has to offer and comes across a couple (Stephanie Berrington and Sam Singer) making out on top of a mattress. The man stays with them for a little bit and then finally decides to go home. When he arrives, he meets up with his wife Gigi (Julie Simpson) to tell him about the supposed health issue he has. Somehow it doesn’t concern her that much. Anyways, she goes to her job as a server in a cafe, and she seems to have bigger matters to get upset over, especially when she seems to have trouble focusing on her job. Moving onto another story in somewhat of another place, a young aspiring comedian (Alex Ateah) goes up to share her experiences of life for comedy night that evening. After that failure of a show, she goes home and try to contact her mother. One night after bombing yet again, she records one of her routines then while struggling with her crippling depression, falls down some stairs and knock herself out while trying to do laundry. Now onto to our next character, Tyler (Milos Mitrovic) who seems more focused on video games than his mother (Jennifer Mauws) who sometimes needs him to help out. Even when she ends up getting him a new outfit that suits him just fine he doesn’t seem too excited with it. It seems they don’t share much of a bond. Neither do Gigi and her husband when he tries to make things up with her the best he can but she wants nothing to do with him, and he suspects there’s something going on, like she doesn’t love him. 

For the longest time ever, you can’t seem to figure out what all these different stories have in common. They’re all pretty different storylines ranging from shocking to sad, but they’re really well done. The characters are all the types of people you can relate to or people you practically know. It’s a thorough blend of disgusting and deep. There isn’t much in the way of colours, but there is a lot of story. And by a lot, I mean the intertwining of different concepts is a bit confusing to go along with. Its got some coincidence in some of the plot line, but it’s not as coincidental as some concepts. Still, it makes for an interesting film that seems to be all over the place with a scrambled perspective. Quality is an interesting style itself, showing occasional flickers and dust particles similar to that of older movies in some of the stories, but it isn’t quite consistent making things even more scrambled. Soundtrack is barely much of anything, as there’s not much music used at all. The same goes for the very small crew who also made up most of the cast. Not much of anything does seem to really get settled or resolved, like something I’ve seen before. What it all boils down to though is, the movie goes halfway and then it just stops somewhere, and nobody exactly knows where. I guess leaving people in suspense is what this is all about. May need some work but still is kind of okay…



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