Shut Up and Say Something (VIFF Review)

This title had me going “Um, uh…” in response. How can you respond to something like that?

Shane Koyczan describes himself as a nobody, but there’s more to him than anybody would expect. For those who don’t know, Shane is a poet who provides some of the most astounding insightful literature and statements you could ever hear about life. And this documentary explores Shane, his work, his family, and some of the most important people in his life. Shane started out being the one kid who got bullied in his elementary school, but how would things be if those bullies saw him today?

The documentary features some of the greatest perspective by one of the most perplexing poets. One moment, Shane’s talking about how growing up with his grandmother was a bit of a difficulty for him, and in another, he’s sharing the interesting experience of when he loses his iPad. But this movie also showcases the Shane’s journey as he discovers who his long lost father was the whole time.

Throughout the documentary, it’s all about heartwarming stories and experiences. The effects during the poetry moments are beautifully made in a creative style. The discussions are heartwarming and profound, and it must’ve been real hard to pinpoint some of them even. A pleasing extravaganza filled with laughter and tears, this documentary will explore within Shane’s soul and even yours. You’ll be laughing and crying. It’s that amazing.

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