Review: Shevil (The Girlfriend from Hell)

Shevil (The Girlfriend from Hell) is a horror/comedy short film made by students from Capilano University.

The film takes place in the apartment of ordinary college student, Mike (Bryant H. Boesen) who is a film enthusiast, and his friend Dave (Christopher Aitken) who has a nice, normal, easygoing life. Well, actually he seems pretty nervous at the beginning when he interrupts Mike during a horror movie featuring royalty free music by Kevin Macleod.

Dave explains to Mike that his girlfriend Michelle (Kyla Murphy) is getting out of control with her love for him and the turning point came when he said the words that caused her to go insane. (Mike: “You told her you loved her?”) After a horror story about another guy who did the same as David, Michelle calls Mike’s answering machine threatening to come to the apartment, and she sounds pretty serious when she says she’s going to search the whole place for her boyfriend. They start making plans to leave town immediately and rescue themselves from crazy Michelle.

A cheesy preparation scene and a sequence of turning off lights later, the two hide in the laundry room while she snoops around. Apparently someone forgot to lock the door. What ensues isn’t very watchable, mostly really awkward humour.

The lighting and shots were very interesting and well worked out, but the story was just ridiculous. It almost seemed liked the title was a bit exaggerated, but that’s typical for student films, they’re always weird in some manner.

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