Residue (Review)

Rough nights and rough days. There’s no telling what power something can hold, if you stumble upon it. Sometimes, something causes a change for everyone. Sometimes, some things like that are best left unknown and even alone. The film focuses on a young man named Luke Harding (James Clayton) finding a new advantage in life and making plans to work on a deal with a wrestling promoter named Jules Fairweather (Matt Frewer). Mr. Fairweather has a special new job for Luke in delivering a package to somebody. He fails at delivering when the supposed customer ends up shooting towards Luke and the goons going with him, but somehow the package saves Luke by taking a bullet for him and Luke takes it home instead. But now Luke has to do something with the package to hide it so he won’t get in trouble with the real owner. That’s when Luke discovers a book inside which reveals many mysterious secrets from long ago. Before Luke knows it, someone is after him to get the ancient artifact. As if that’s not enough, the journal itself has a curse within it. Soon enough, the curse affects everyone where Luke lives, including his daughter Angelina (Taylor Hickson), his landlady Mrs. Oats (Linda Darlow) and a couple of goons looking to get the book for themselves.

I really liked the concept of this whole movie. It’s a combination of Science fiction, action, history and even a couple other genres. The story seems a bit confusing at first, but the layout is really extraordinary. Like some of their other productions, Motorcycle Boy Productions has a way of telling a story in a whole other way sometimes that has different parts of it in different places. While some of the elements, especially the surreal ones seem a bit out of place, they are kept to a minimum and the story is more in focus. The characters are well written and the performances are really well done as well. The scenery while not much considering the building it takes place in isn’t much, but it still is okay and the other locations are simple yet very well organized. Nothing seems out of place. I’ve never seen something as unique as this film which takes a good blend of fear and excitement, really keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat. So many interesting bits throughout the film to really keep track of. Another amazing work of story done by Motorcycle Boy Productions, and I hope to see some more exciting movies from them just like this one.

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