Project Eugenics (Review)

This one was recommended to me by a friend. I decided to check it out at Cinematheque.

In this movie, set in the future, a terrible infection has shown up, and people are unsure of what is causing global chaos throughout the world. At first, it is suggested to be North Korea, but as the film goes on, people realize it is a threat worse than North Koreans: Zombies. The plot starts out in the late evening when newsman Will Schneider (Kevin Eisler) escapes from an infected person and takes shelter in a couple’s home. As the story progresses, we are introduced to other characters as they try to escape the crisis they are in. During transitions into earlier times, we are shown small snippets of a man named Edward Jones (Georgie Daburas) who claims he has the cure for this worldwide infection, but releasing it to the public could mean even more danger. No matter what the situation, whether it be SWAT team agents investigating buildings, or friends exchanging top secret information, nobody is safe.

There are a couple minor issues in sound, but they aren’t really a very big deal. What matters more is that the story is shown to be exciting and intense, even if this type of movie has been done before. However, it focuses mainly on the society in peril, rather than showing zombies in almost every single frame like most zombie apocalypse movies. The lighting is truly nightmarish, and the addition of the soundtrack just makes it much more haunting. Shot in only 10 days’ time, with a budget of only five grand, this film looks like a true masterpiece.

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