Point Traverse (Review)

Sometimes you wonder how a certain friend has turned out since you last saw them. That’s kind of what this movie is about.

Taking place at a bay of a lake, with a ferry in the opening sequence, a random man walks into a mini restaurant and orders a chicken sandwich from one of the two protagonists, Adwin (Will Ennis). After the bleakest and most friendly conversation yet, Adwin goes home. And then it cuts to next morning showing a frozen landscape where a wanderer (Dave Rachar) discovers an abandoned car and some blood while the driver is dead a distance away, presumably by murder. But the driver was just the random chicken-sandwich man so I guess he didn’t matter that much.

Adwin ends up going back to work at his little restaurant, and trains a new employee how to know the different parts of a chicken. Later that evening, the wanderer arrives at Adwin’s restaurant with a friendly greeting. It turns out these two know each other from a while back. Adwin and his wandering friend Cael make plans for Saturday. After the two friends meet with another friend of theirs and drink away the night, things slowly develop.

Eventually, Cael and Adwin part ways again to go on personal journeys of self-discovery. By journeys I mean Cael heads out to the city and finds work as a janitor while also finding a girl who is just like him. Adwin on the other hand is dealing with frustrations and has to look to his trainee and an older friend for help with his personal issues.

I felt I could really relate to this movie, it’s got a moving and breathtaking plot, the whole subject of it is interesting and something I and many other people actually feel like they can relate to. The shots were perfectly set up and it didn’t take much dialogue to set up character for the two protagonists. The journey of self-discovery is truly an interesting experience in life.

(Image: Screen capture from trailer, copyright 2009 TimeLapse Pictures)

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