Pepper (Review)

I guess French Canadian films aren’t always weird in some way. This one in particular is about a lesbian couple just waking up. Okay, it’s actually revealed to be a lesbian couple and a guest. Josee (Frederique Proulx) seems upset that her girlfriend Marianne (Chantal Bellevance) is getting more interested in their guest Sophie (Eloise Tanguay Simard) who came over to stay the night. When it seems like Marianne is more into Sophie, Josee runs some tests to make sure she still has her lover (like giving her a present out of nowhere) and eventually gets into an argument with Marianne while Sophie sits back and worries. And there isn’t much else going on. Things do get explained though, like why Sophie is there.

I really don’t know what to say about this one. It didn’t seem like much of a film, but more of an episode out of a series or even a scene. Characters don’t have much to say or do much of development. In other words, it’s just a really short film that doesn’t feel like too much. Dialogue is kind of humorous though, so I guess it’s just good for a laugh. Why did I keep thinking this was more of something to be distributed by Travelling? I guess because there wasn’t much to explain.

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