Outside the Lines (Review)

It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything from the Crazy8’s film fest. Interestingly enough, this one was from last year.

The film begins with our protagonist, DJ, acted by Cameron Bright. In his job at a call centre DJ deals with so much stress, he goes to a bar afterwards to recover. And meet up with an associate from another business, giving his list of called numbers to the man (Matthew Kevin Anderson). After that unexplained moment, DJ comes home to his grandmother (Brenda McDonald) who clearly can’t recognize her grandson, mistaking him for her dead husband. This would be funny if the film wasn’t set in such a serious tone. Okay, never mind. That’s over.

DJ goes back to the call centre and joins some of his fellow employees for a meeting. It appears the boss has plans of making a transition due to job issues and has to begin outsourcing. DJ goes back to his associate to figure out just what he’s doing with those sheets. So the two head to a top secret location and DJ is introduced to the man’s associates. They all happen to be part of a top secret association who cold-call the folks on the sheets and make a living off scamming people. DJ decides to take a shot at calling. And he fails. First day on the new job isn’t always easy. And now DJ is unsure of whether he should go with this new switch or not.

Well, there wasn’t much story, but there was a lot of dramatic feeling and tension in this film. Aside from that and the well arranged shots, the acting was very legitimate and expressive. I was enjoying this the whole way through and found it very intense. With how this film was put together, I hope to see more interesting short films, maybe even a full length or two, from Scott Belyea.

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