Out of Control (Review)

I wanna be, anything you want me to be, just let me be, out of contr- Oops, wrong movie. We’re talking about the cinematic whatjamacallit written and directed by Richard Trevor. Huh boy, if there’s one thing I know about films with minimal credits, its- well you know. You probably thought it might have had something to do with 8 high school graduates crash landing a plane on an island, but you’re wrong.  This film is about a woman named Lena (Sean Young) who has to deal with the hassle of living with Charlie, her gangster boyfriend (Robert Lujan). It’s never an easy life. One night, she gets sick of it all and decides while waiting in the car for Charlie to return from a shooting, that she should get away with both the car and all the money. Where does she go to? Mexico, to start anew. No, wait. Stop at a small city first. Meanwhile, Mafia leader Nick (Mark Camacho) has ordered for Charlie to catch his ex and bring the back the large sum of cash she got away with. The rest of the movie is mob stuff with Charlie and a couple other gangsters as he gets on Lena’s trail while she spends her time hanging out in the small town with a local cafe owner named Eddie (Tom Conti). After 45 boring minutes, we finally get to action as mafia comes along down the road to catch Lena, but even then it’s slow in process.

Sure it seems lame, and there isn’t much to say, but the acting and character portrayal is actually pretty good for an awkward story. Everyone really does well on their parts, and even the ending turned out to be an unexpected turn of events… twice! It’s not exactly a good movie, but neither is it a bad movie. If anything it balances out as neutral. Not exactly the most exciting for a thriller involving gangsters, but still good nonetheless.

(Image Courtesy of anitapeppers)

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