Nara: A Review

“Nara”  was originally a Greek word for happy.

This adult thriller starts with a couple named Dan and Krista out on their first date at an abandoned movie theatre. As they explore the building things get more chilling, as strange sounds fill the air. Krista demands they leave, but before long it seems as if things are out of control as Dan tries to make out with her.

They both nearly get attacked by a stranger when suddenly it’s revealed to be a dream — of Blane, who lives alone in the abandoned theatre.He has a janitor’s job at a Chinese restaurant where he gets paid in food, and a scrapbook journal which he’s made out of an old magazine.

As Blane ‘s degraded life continues, a radio host is constantly bringing up the subject of a missing girl who supposedly got murdered. It turns out Blane knows the girl — and what happened to her — but he often keeps it to himself.  One night, Blane comes across a severed head. He takes it home and before he knows it, the head comes to life, introducing herself as Nara. He tries to ignore her, but he can’t sleep, constantly thinking something is after him,  and still reminded of Krista.

Meanwhile, Krista’s had issues with Dan.  She sees Blane and decides to stalk him home and investigate on her own.  When Blane discovers her, he  knocks her out and leaves her on a makeshift bed with an apology note. When she comes to, she decides to take a look around Blane ’s home and discovers his scrapbook journal.  Krista’s interest in Blane grows,  but he doesn’t really talk to her, except to call her pretty and apologize for hitting her.

At home, Krista looks at a picture which brings back memories of a childhood friend. Some flashback footage then shows  Blane as a panhandler. In the present day, he talks to the head of Nara who tells him Krista went through his things.  Then a newscaster reports the investigation of a dead body with no head,  and Krista gets more suspicious of Blane . . .

This was a very chilling movie and it was really good too. The whole plot was amazing and the ending was just perfect. The shots in the dark were fantastic and really added to the suspense.

Available through Indieflix.

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