Marker (Review)

What I found really interesting was that this film was actually written by an instructor I had over at Art Institute.

After the opening transitions of ancient old-timey pictures, we are brought into a more present-day setting, well, that of 2005. Taking place in the tiny isolated town of Lunford (gee, there’s some other places like that) located somewhere in the Northwest, we are introduced to Sylvia (Iris Graham), our protagonist who is making out (or trying to) with Spumonni (Jonathan Cherry), one of her two boyfriends, who doesn’t have the utmost confidence about everything. She comes home to her father (Philip Granger) and tries to reason with him regarding her desire to go to college.

However, she comes down with a strange sickness and after another busy day at work, Sylvia satisfies her vegetable cravings and finds out her father is spreading gossip about her strange illness. As she hangs out with her other boyfriend Roddy (Eric Johnson), he brings up her having another boyfriend. She wants to talk about how her dad is talking to his dad. But he’d rather play sports so she hangs out with Spumonni at the usual area where couples make out. Sylvia starts to tell Spumonni she has an uncomfortable feeling in her body and she has to leave the town.

Surely enough, this strange sickness gets worse, and Sylvia realizes it leads to a defect of some sort. A defect involving horn growth. She also realizes she’s not the only woman to have had this as Lunford has had this female disease for a long time.

It looks like a cheap film, but that’s mainly what it was. Not exactly my type of film, as it was more targeted towards teenage girls. There was a minor budget involved, and that’s okay. Characters were a little bit on the mediocre side for me. This wasn’t exactly much on the horror. Still it was okay to watch. I shouldn’t go too far in criticism because chances are my instructor would regret giving me those grades I got.

(Photo: Macieklew)

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