Looking For (Review)

Something a little different from (and less frightening than) the last short film, Looking For is a 2009 adult film about dating and romance. Tracy (TJ Loughran) wants to find her true love, her perfect match, another woman. All right, on with the movie.

She arranges an appointment at a dating service as a last resort, a coffee shop dating lounge owned by the appropriately named N.E Body (Peter Patrikios). After getting Tracy’s details, Mr. Body gets his assistant Simon (Adam J. Wahlberg) to send the file to the way bottom of the offices, while the opening credits appear on files and name tags that Simon passes by. Creative.

The next few days, Tracy goes to the coffee shop for her dates, while Simon watches in disguise. First is a hippie-type woman named Penelope Goodwind (Suzanne Smart) who is obsessed with nature and naturally grown products. Even the sound of a rainforest accompanies her. However Penelope isn’t very modest in public so Tracy tries someone else. Her new date is a gangsterish teenager. I see these kinds of people on the streets regularly. That date doesn’t work either. The day after that, Tracy meets a frequently texting girl with thick eyeliner and a creepy grin. Kind of reminds me of a close friend actually.

Tracy goes to speak to Mr. Body, who has taken a recent beating in his office due to an unmentioned incident. Tracy states she wants a refund, but Mr. Body says he can find her the right date. Tracy’s next few dates include an Elsa Klensch lookalike from France, a married woman with tons of kids, and a geeky therapist. Sure enough, not one date works for Tracy and she confronts Mr. Body once more. It’s not easy finding the ideal woman for Tracy.

This was a hilarious movie to watch, the different types of dates for Tracy made me enjoy it thoroughly, and even though a lot of the humour wasn’t exactly the best, this short film is okay. The major thing that makes it enjoyable is the many different characters.

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