Lola (Review)

Lola is a drama from 2001, about a troubled woman (Sabrina Grdevich) who doesn’t know what she’s doing with herself.

At first, we see some footage of Lola’s past as she’s working in her garden and doing other activities. In the present day, Lola is shown to be nervous and talkative with strangers. As she makes her way home, her absentmindedness causes her to get her car towed and she has trouble communicating.

Lola comes home to her husband Mike (Colm Feore) who’s verbally abusive and gets impatient with her attitude. I have to admit Mike is quite the uptight jerk at times over little things like a barely visible stain in his shirt. (Mike: “I’m not going with a shirt that’s all stained!” Lola: “Go change your shirt.” Mike: “I like this shirt!”)

At a clothes store she works with, Lola hands in her original designs for creative outfits which few people buy. After that, she saves a prostitute named Sandra (Joanna Going) from getting run over.

One night, after Mike chews out Lola over the fact that she bought a shoe a size too small, Lola decides to head out and hang out with Sandra for a drink and a night of fun together. Sandra is going back to Toronto to meet her mother, while Lola is upset because she doesn’t have any parents left. However, when Sandra’s loans get brutally out of hand, her boss is out to get her. Lola takes Sandra’s identity by going to Toronto to visit Sandra’s mom while Sandra deals with problems on her own.

The movie was bittersweet at times but a bit awkward. I like that it was shot in Vancouver but there’s too much footage of Lola walking around doing nothing. The acting is great and the characters are really well done, but there’s not too much story. It was okay for what it was worth though.

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