Like A Tree in Which There Are 3 Black Birds (Review)

Three black birds were sitting in a tree, watching the world pass them by…

That’s what the title made me think, but no. I got something different.

This film starts out as an artistic drama of some sort. First we get introduced to our protagonist Jimy (William J. Phillips) who is sitting in a tree while a female voiceover narrates his feelings. Jimy gets out of the tree he’s sitting in and goes back into his hotel room and spends the night looking around, worrying and waiting. Eventually Jimy’s girlfriend Liz (Elizabeth Lavender) comes over to take him home as he discusses his purpose in life: to kill Kim Jong-Il.

Some time later, Jimy is eating dinner at a restaurant where he meets up with his brother Lloyd (Steven Cree Molison) who talks some sense into him. Jimy in turn tries to talk some sense into his brother about being there for his son. Jimy meets up with Lloyd’s son Duncan (Duncan Spencer) and tries to help him out as well, but Duncan doesn’t think he can get along well with his dad. Even when father and son sit on the same park bench together, they don’t interact.

The rest of the movie consists of Jimy telling his close friends about his personal opinions and how he feels about life. After a while, Jimy gets tired of town, and takes the ferry out to somewhere where he goes exploring the forest and meets his friend (Sean Woods). Jimy stays with his friend for a while, and continues to ponder life. Until something unexpected happens. Then things escalate. And the end has so much intense feeling. And not everything gets quite resolved.

It seemed like most of this movie was slow-paced. The camera shots don’t alternate too much, strictly being stationary for extended periods of time, and there’s not much to say regarding story. It wasn’t as much as a movie as it was listening to some guy talk about his philosophies and see him do average everyday stuff. There wasn’t much character to really develop either. This isn’t much for watching. Just judging by the dialogue and soundtrack, it seems like one of those movies you just listen to in the dark while you lie on the couch. Actually…

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