Infinity Baby (Review)

Welcome to the Not Distant Future, where it is possible to own babies that don’t age. Over at Infinity Baby, Neo Getwell (Nick Offerman) wants to keep his business growing strong. What does Infinity Baby do? Sell unaging infants to people for 20 grand, along with special instruction manuals. The main stories that the movie focuses on include a young man named Ben (Kieran Culkin) introducing his mother Hester (Megan Mullaly) to his new girlfriend, a florist named Terry (Noel Wells), while two other men named Malcolm (Martin Starr) and Larry (Kevin Corrigan) work in a business together. Specifically, the Infinity Baby business which is also where Ben works, thanks to Nepotism (his Uncle is Neo). After Ben unsuccessfully gets his mother to like his new girlfriend, this causes a breakup. But that’s not the only problem, Malcolm and Larry bring a baby (Sophie Bette Hartstein) to a customer, and the customer (Jennifer Prediger) admits she doesn’t want a baby, but her brother thinks she should have one to help with her loneliness issues. The two employees explain that Infinity babies were created through a strange defect. The Infinity Babies sleep more and cry less, only making light sounds and a baby can be adjusted by certain meds. However, their pitch goes nowhere, and so Larry and Malcolm must take the baby away only to end up raising it themselves, but don’t tell the company. Ben goes on yet another date with Alison (Trieste Kelly Dunn), a geeky but enthusiastic girl. However, it isn’t long before Larry and Malcolm have to confess about the baby as it nearly dies due to them not supplying the proper medication. And Ben has to come along as well since he’s in charge of those two.

The stories in this movie are kind of slow-paced with minimal momentum, but it helps to make the character development in a slow sure style. There are hilarious moments in the film, and some even disturbing moments. Sometimes the scenes end on some really awkward unexplainable moments. The dialogue is humorous and very well put together. The editing is done in a very interesting style, being in grayscale save for the rare moments when the Infinity Baby’s eyes sparkle a beautiful blue. When we get to the ending, that’s when things take a bit of a magical turn, and also bring out a couple revelations about characters that we never would’ve expected. All in all, this tells an interesting concept of a story about what could be in store for the future if stem cell research doesn’t go properly. Quirky, witty, and delightful is just how I would describe this feature.

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