Home Sweet Home (Review)

When French Canadian films aren’t weird, they’re either meaningful or creepy. This one was creepy.

An elderly man named Ben is relaxing and watching TV. Life is okay for him and his wife Anne until one particular night he wakes up and doesn’t see her. So he goes out to investigate around the house, only for the house to have somehow turned into one of those multi-door hallways you see in so many movies. And every door leads to a different place. Ben tries to find his wife by looking in one door but the only things he finds is a hooded stranger playing with building blocks and a wide array of photos of Ben and Anne in their younger years. Only it looks like someone photoshopped fish faces on them. And the hooded figure reveals himself to be a messy skull faced monster. Ben rushes back out into the hall, only to be approached by some demented freak who I think was supposed to be Hannibal Lecter. The look was pretty similar. Ben goes into another door, and things get wrapped a little too soon.

I kind of wish there was more to this movie. Sure, the story was creepy but it just wasn’t long enough, there definitely was more room for structure but I guess Frédéric Lefebvre was trying to keep it simple. Simple and spooky. The visuals were very haunting and the lighting added somewhat to the feel, when it wasn’t completely dark so that nobody could see. The ending just makes the whole film seem a bit silly though. But only a bit.

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