Hell House LLC (Review)

Welcome to the Hell House! Enter if you dare! Warning, you might die. Have fun!

Many years ago, nobody expected a haunted house to actually be a haunted house. When the Hell House created more tragedies than fun, it was a mystery and nobody could say exactly what happened that particular night. It was all good scary fun until people reached the basement and some people even died due to some unknown reason. What was the cause? Well, nobody knows for sure. One curious journalist however decided to take a closer look by trespassing where he discovered trace evidence of uncleaned blood stains, and some even creepier stairs down to the basement. To look further into the sequence, former employee Sara Havel unravels the mystery further with some unseen tapes that never got confiscated.

As the documentary dwells further, it reveals more and more clues through the found footage leading to what happens on opening night. I’m not talking jump scares, I’m talking about those subtle little surprises that people in the film don’t notice, but the audience do. The majority of the documentary is more found footage than it is interviews, but the found footage really fleshes out the whole plot outline. Unlike other typical found footage scenarios, the character development is nice and easy-flowing, the buildup is really worth waiting for, and the whole movie is a really good thrill, even better than most of the found footage movies I’ve seen.

Not too many people have really heard about it that much, though. Be sure to check it out. And the Director’s cut is actually being released on DVD with lots of exclusive BTS content, a Director’s commentary. Be on the lookout for this amazing movie coming out October 1st. A good selection for the Horror enthusiast.

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