Generation Why (Review)

Not many films give an interesting examination of the young generation of today. A generation simply known as Generation Why.

This film is about a few graduates of high school and their struggle to find who they are and what their calling is. This is during a kind of slacker uprising that happens in their small city.

Our first character John (John Delahunt) is running late for his job. As he talks to his father before he leaves, John has breakfast and heads out in a faulty car. At a CD store where he works, the boss has John head out to label some CDs. John calls his friend Mike (Mike Thorn) who is out on a fake smoke break. After they make some arrangements, Mike gets back to work on his part time fast food job. Mike’s boss tries to be optimistic. John’s boss on the other hand is pretty smooth and understanding when John doesn’t entirely do a good job, even okay with John taking a coffee break before fixing something.

Mike calls his other friend Cody (Cody Field) and tells him about the party he and John talked about earlier. Eventually, John, Cody and Mike all meet outside Mike’s workplace and they head out. After a quick drink, they head out to around the neighbourhood for some crazy fun times.

Next they attend the party, and talk to some other friends about their future. Surely enough, nobody is too sure of what their future is going to be. John complains to Mike that nobody’s doing anything to see what they really want to do. After a while John’s friends start to get depressed about their lives and that’s when hell breaks loose. Now the three friends need to see if they’ve learned anything from this incident or if their lives are worth nothing.

With very well done acting and amazing cinematography, the story is one that anybody can relate to.

The drama is very light and there’s the occasional dose of comedy which makes it worth watching, and the whole movie is telling the youth of today what could happen if they’re not too careful with their personal decisions.

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