D E J A V U (Review)

Mystical Creativity, a short and simple video of vibrant colours and stunning visuals. D E J A V U treats the viewer to a quick series of clips starring Antonia Juric in a couple of different unique styles ranging from simple to elaborate. For those who don’t understand what this is all about, it focuses on the concept of being trapped. We’ve all had this feeling before, and somehow it feels like we get it all the time. Hence the title Deja Vu. The shots consist of not only Juric in her different outfits but shots of carefully moving through an empty building. The effects show a variety of flashing colours, the camera moves in a swift but gentle swaying motion. The soundtrack included adds to the abstract and fascinating feel to this film’s concept. A rare work of beautifully rendered shots and fast-paced editing, D E J A V U is one creatively artistic film that is rarely seen but displayed fantastically. Christopher Massardo has created an amazing work of art with just the beauty of minimalism. I hope to see more films much like this one in the future.

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