Bate’s Car: Sweet as a Nut (Review)

Well, since everything else I tried to look at today was too weird to transcribe, I went for something a little more simple sounding and ancient. As one may have guessed, this is a film about a car. Mr. Bate’s car slowly drives along the narrow road surrounded by large trees. Bate talks about why he likes his car and what makes it useful. It just so happens that Bate is an inventor and his car runs on a gas made from fecal matter he gets from a farm every day. The things they thought of in the ’70s. So how does he do it? Bate has a special machine that converts all of the material into some special gas. And the special engine in his car also implements the gas through the carburator blahblablah…

After all that and the fact that he gets tons of mail, Bate shows another new invention he’s made which requires easier methods: a self propelled bicycle that’s powered by the bumps on the road. Useful for anyone living on uneven land. Personally I wish there were more time to discuss the bike rather than giving a lesson on methane.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this one, but it’s more than I can say about the surreal shorts I watched. Mostly it’s a geeky explanation about how methane gas works and the working of this car.  Honestly I’m not sure whether to be bored or disgusted. Today everyone’s more into hybrid cars than something that runs on dry manure. I think it has something to do with the smell. And the sound of electro progress. An educational film, but  the filth I see being used today is not in car engines.

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