Anniversary Present: A Review

Today I decided to check out a short film that had love as the focus. This was Anniversary Present, a romantic comedy showing how a couple celebrate the yearly remembrance of the day they got married.

It starts out as the couple who have recently married head out and Lonnie, the groom, presents his new wife, Sandra with a new car as a present. Surely enough this marriage is already going to look pretty good for both of them. A year of marriage passes between them and the two are already preparing for an anniversary celebration. Sandra spends all day at home beautifying herself while Lonnie runs multiple errands running up quite the credit card bill, it seems. Still worth it for an anniversary though.

When Lonnie gets home though, he suddenly hears the sound of a toilet flush when he greets his wife. Who’s flushing and who exactly has Sandra been getting ready for? Lonnie runs down to their apartment’s parking lot. There he starts to ruin the car he bought her. He continues this tantrum as Sandra tries to reason with him over the phone. Lonnie goes full psycho, destroying all his gifts and going through a really big misunderstanding. I won’t give away too much about the ending, but let’s just say things won’t be the same for these two ever again.

This was actually a somewhat funny movie even if it seemed a bit chaotic. Anniversary Present was made 10 years ago, you have to wonder what would happen if the events from then happened today, it would probably be a much worse outcome for everybody.

Available on Indieflix.

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