Air Canada enRoute Film Festival: Part I

Voting is open on the People’s Choice Awards for the Air Canada enRoute Film Festival. I figured since I was there before, I could vote for something I may have watched a while back. Some stuff worth reviewing.

(A)lone – I remember this one. A lonely man (Danny Gilmore) who tries to contact his girlfriend who is always too busy. He ends up in a large soundstage like area where other people sit on their own, isolated. But then he sees someone he least expects. I can relate to these types of people, even the facility itself reminds me of my past.

Asteroid – Another trip down memory lane. In a little girl’s imagination, she (Cadence Schuster) and her grandfather (Peter Higginson) operate a spaceship exploring the farthest regions of space where they must face surprises like the Blue Planet. In reality, the girl’s grandfather is actually dying from the terminal illness that takes almost every parent-like figure in family-esque movies. A carefully thought out and very gentle and heart-warming short film. A little dark though.

Cautionary Tales for Children – Taking an even further look, I saw an animated movie based off a rhyming book. It explained when children do something wrong, the consequences are rather strong. When they’re not good, but bad instead, it’s guaranteed they would be dead. However despite the moving depiction, the story is clearly a work of fiction. Animated and perfectly read, and gladly not true, like they said.

Familiar – Shot on 35mm film, it’s a 15-minute documentary showcasing the lives of three individuals in Toronto. A little girl, a taxi driver, and a Japanese waiter. The little girl is enjoying everyday life, the taxi driver talks about how he also paints pictures, and the Japanese waiter enjoys the last few days of his visa while working at a restaurant. Quick and simple showing everyday life between three random people. I actually kind of wish I met these types of people nowadays.

I am Syd Stone – All about a celebrity who reunites with his high school friends. Syd (Gharrett Patrick Paon) keeps himself away from the crowd of fangirls by spending his days in a hotel room and avoiding his buzzing phone. Syd’s brother Brent (Michael Gaty) comes by to visit. This was a very interesting film to watch as it shows what most celebrities must go through at certain times in their life.

I’m Still Embarrassed – Bringing back the memories of classic author Robert Munsch, the documentary shows how someone’s mom took a certain amount of motivation to get Munsch to stay with a certain family. It also explores of where Munsch got his inspiration for the book I’m So embarrassed. Brought back a fair amount of memories. Hit me right in the feels. Amazing for something only 10 minutes long.

Mars Barb – I covered this one in my last article about enRoute. Barb’s an amazing woman, glad I got the opportunity to meet her.

More coming right up.

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