A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear (small book review)

Fear and anxiety are some major issues in the film industry and everyone knows it. There are many different methods to coping with fear, but some of the most highly recommended methods of dealing with fear are to be shown in this book. Stan Popovich’s guide to overcoming fear may seem like it applies to only certain kinds of people according to the methods listed in the book, but really, it’s just for about anyone. The guide dwells on the subject of fear explaining its origins and how to handle it. A majority of the methods are generally Christian methods, while some of the other methods include counselling, imagining solutions, and even exercising.

The book is a very interesting read and a very helpful guide. I feel most Christians in the film industry might find this to be a book worth checking out and taking careful notice of the details as they will help in many different ways. While short and simple, it does help get special advice across in cases of any scenarios involving anxiety because anyone can get it in the industry. From first time movie pitchers who are afraid of getting rejected, to assistant directors who are afraid of weather conditions ruining the day of the shoot. For more details about this book, check out the official website www.managingfear.com


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