A Christmas Horror Story (Review)

The Canadian Christmas film  I’m watching is practically another Krampus film. With William Shatner as a DJ.

At first after a musical number by a high pitched singer, we meet the scarred Santa (George Buza) who states it’s time. But whatever it’s time for has to wait, because something is right about to bust through the doors of the Reindeer stable and —

Before that happened, rewind to 12 hours earlier where DJ Dan talks about how he loves everything about Christmas because of Jesus and there’s a charity drive for food. He starts by setting up some Christmas carols on the radio and decides to fill his cup with Christmas cheer (eggnog and heavy alcohol). But that’s not too important as the focus of the movie is several different stories happening at once.

First off, some teenagers decide to inspect their school during the holidays because several others died mysteriously there last year. Molly (Zoe De Grand Maison) who has heard of the incident, intends to find the ghost who killed these kids, but for what reason one asks.

Meanwhile, Molly’s friend Caprice (Amy Forsyth) is traveling with her family to meet her father’s grumpy old Aunt Edda (Corinne Conley). Edda educates them on Krampus and it isn’t long before the famous holiday beast himself comes after the family after they fail to cooperate with each other. Gee, this seems familiar.

Finally, somewhere nearby a policeman named Scott (Adrian Holmes), his wife Kim (Olunike Adeliyi), and his young son Will head to the forest to illegally cut down a tree. After Will gets lost in the woods, Scott finds his boy again, only for the family to discover a nasty non-seasonal surprise.

Well, this movie was weird, but not in a very bad way though. The multiple stories going back and forth seemed a bit confusing and the climaxes were too ridiculous and overdone. I’m not going into detail about how the several stories ended. William Shatner was okay for his moments, and I liked the bits with Krampus even though they weren’t very long. However, acting is pretty believable, and the intense moments are pretty cool too. Sure, it almost seemed like Horror were put in a bag and shook up, but this still was kind of fun.

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