2nd Generation (Review)

High school is a tough place where it’s always survival of the fittest. In 2nd Generation, Ticoon (Ticoon Kim) is a young student with highly awkward insecurities. After spending the summer playing basketball with a lot of black people, things start to change for Ti. He becomes close friends with Brody (Charlie Gillespie), the school’s most popular student who buys weed off of him, and gains the attention of popular girl Sarah (Sophi Knight) which causes Ticoon’s best friend Everett (Hailey Kittle) to get suspicious of what’s going on with Ti’s newfound life. Along his journey through Highschool, Ticoon deals with clashing relationships, cruel bullies and other perils and advantages that come with dealing drugs at a young age.

This is a very interesting series that dwells on an interesting subject. I’m really not too familiar with teenagers these days but I can see there’s a lot of interesting characteristics within the personalities that are developed in this series. The story in the series itself gives a semi-realistic feel and at the same time provides some very hilarious bits of dialogue and irregular moments, especially during the flashback moments among the teens. It’s interesting how a teen drug dealer can get away with it even with the authorities occasionally showing up. Sure, it seems a bit silly, but it still works as a series that doesn’t need to take such a matter so seriously. An amazing show that really shows the lifestyle of being a certain someone in school and what it escalates to. Everyone has their ups and downs and it’s shown perfectly in this series. An amazing work of art and I hope to see more episodes of this series in the future.

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