4 Lotto Movies You Need to See

Don’t Feel So Lucky?

It’s time to turn it all around and get yourself in the right frame of mind. After all, the lottery is only fun if you play it. Without playing, you have no chance to win! So, forget not feeling lucky. 

Watch any one of these interesting movies about the lottery and get inspired. We’ve lined up five of our favorite lotto flicks that get us excited about playing. 

  1. Lottery Ticket

Starring big names like Bow Wow, Charlie Murphy, and Ice Cube, this comedy flick centers around Kevin, a young man living in the low-income housing projects of his city. He realizes he won the lottery totaling $370 million but has to fend off the people of his neighborhood who all want a bit of the prize. 

The movie ropes us in because we see a little of ourselves in Kevin. He is a retail store worker with big dreams of designing his own sneakers. One day at work Kevin is accosted by the neighborhood bully, who steals from his store. Kevin is fired and heads home but buys a lotto ticket, playing the lucky numbers he and his grandmother like.

Then you find out that Kevin hits it big- and the hilarity unfolds from there. Lottery Ticket is a great movie to just laugh and unwind with. 

  1. It Could Happen to You

This movie stars Nicholas Cage as an NYPD officer who loves what he does and has a kind heart.  He meets waitress Yvonne, played by Bridget Fonda who is newly divorced and in debt thanks to the cost of her husband splitting from her before she could afford it. 

Charlie, Cage’s character, eats at her diner but cannot pay the tip. He offers her half of the lotto winnings on his ticket should he win the following day.

Charlie does win, setting off a chain of events that will change the lives and relationships of everybody involved. It is a feel-good story you cannot miss!

  1. Lucky Numbers

Inspired by a real lottery scandal that happened in Pennsylvania in 1980, this film focuses on a local TV weatherman who is facing bankruptcy of his snowmobile dealership. 

He eventually comes to the realization that one way out is to “win the lotto” with the help of his girlfriend, Crystal and her zany cousin Walter. Crystal happens to have a job announcing the lottery numbers, so she pulls all the right ones out and Walter poses as the winner.

All is going to plan, until Walter refuses to hand over the ticket. Watch the rest of the hilarity ensue as the two try to rectify the situation!

  1. All About the Benjamins

If you liked Ice Cube in Lottery Ticket, All About the Benjamins is sure to please, too. He and comedian Mike Epps get together to find the location of a winning lotto ticket as well as a group of diamond thieves. 

Ice Cube plays Tyson Bucum, a bounty hunter, while Mike Epps stars as a con man named Reggie who Bucum is tasked with capturing. After Reggie runs head on into a diamond heist, the men decide to team up and work together to get their share of the huge diamond and lottery payouts. 

This one is for all you action fans who also love to laugh. It’s a pretty good movie that’s easy to follow and has some exciting action sequences.

In Closing

You can’t win the lottery if you don’t play. These films will make you smile and get you excited about buying your next ticket. Pick one today and enjoy!

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