Operation Avalanche (Review)

Any budding filmmakers making their feature film debut pray for success and recognition right out the gate, which of course is not always the case. Yet, an auspicious debut can lead to unduly high expectations for a filmmakers’ sophomore effort. That is not to say that Matt Johnson’s The Dirties left me expecting a masterclass […]

Kayak to Klemtu – Review

We all have that person in our lives who leaves a huge impact upon their passing. Mourning, working through the pain and ultimately moving forward is a very personal process but often can’t be done alone. The spirit of such a person weaves through the narrative of one of 2018’s standout features (Canadian or otherwise), […]

Shock and Awe (Review)

Politics are some of the most twisted things people can ever get involved in. They’re like the most serious subject one can talk about, but sadly, politics are never taken too seriously. So let’s go back to a time when they, well, were a REALLY big deal. Back in the days when Saddam Hussein was […]

Prodigals – Review

“Tell the truth and you’ll have less to remember” is a nugget of wisdom passed down to many  at an early age. Unfortunately, most of us have to learn about the pitfalls of dishonesty the hard way when even the most carefully constructed web of lies inevitably collapses on itself. Michelle Oullett puts an entire […]