VBAFF – That’s what I call Badass!

Okay, so there’s a Jewish film festival, a Queer film festival, a web festival, and some documentary festivals here and there, but there’s never any particular festival that celebrates the edginess and intensity of horror films or certain films that are so cool they make you freak out with excitement. Come to think of it, […]

Top Gambling Scenes in Movies

Find out what the best gambling scenes in movies are and where you can playthese casino games online for free and win real money too.    Best Gambling Scenes in Movies throughout the Years   There are a number of iconic gambling scenes in movies and perhaps you are familiar with a few of them. […]

Firecrackers – Review

Another coming of age story. Another story where they just want to escape and get away from it all. I feel like I may have seen this before. So for those wondering more about it, the film is about some friends on a road trip to New York. Teenage friends who have just gotten fresh […]

My Top 5 Canadian Films

While we here at Hollywood North Magazine strive to shine a spotlight on Canadian cinema, we have not always been overly strict on what exactly constitutes it. At times, links can be as tenuous as a film like Logan, which is a fully-fledged American production we previously reviewed despite having no notable Canadian input whatsoever. […]