Moonstruck (Review)

There are many in my generation who don’t know this, but Cher once won an Oscar in the late ‘80s. In all likelihood, either you are now shaking your head as you curse the obviousness of my statement; slowly nodding at this interesting little tidbit of information; or you’re a millennial asking ‘Who the hell […]

Enemy (Review)

Most of us are told from birth that we are special and unique individuals, but what if you discovered one day that you weren’t so singular after all? The subject of doppelgängers has been tackled many times in fiction, but Denis Villeneuve brings a subtlety and weight to the subject in his 2013 film, Enemy. […]

Three great Canadian Sci-Fi shows that left us wanting more

The entertainment industry in Canada is thriving. The video games industry employs over 20,000 people and injects around $3 billion dollars into the national economy each year. While its southern neighbour might have Hollywood, in the north, Canada is exporting more quality movies and TV shows than ever before. Within those TV productions, Canada has […]