Water (Review)

There is a reason why they call the Indian film industry Bollywood. It is a massive culture in of itself, catering to an estimated population of 1.3 billion people, and its films are not necessarily limited to its respective market. Yet, when people of the Western world hear the term Bollywood, there is a tendency […]

My Generation – Review

Who remembers Britain in the 60s? I sure don’t. Y’know, age reasons. But what was it like in those days? Well, Michael Caine tells us in the style of a documentary with different stories. As Caine describes his origin, we also hear from the perspectives of other British celebrities who grew up in that time, […]

VIFF: The Darling – Review

We’ve often seen Canada through a North American lens, but how to we look to the rest of the globe? Korean Filmmaker Lee Seung-Yup turns a lens to Canadian shores as he weaves his characters through a Metro Vancouver backdrop in his minimalist piece, The Darling.   Ostensibly taking it’s title from the Chekov short […]