Juno (Review)

When reviewing a film, I normally single out the achievements (or lack thereof) of the director, as this person is perhaps the single most important figure in bringing a screenplay to life. While a similar argument could be made instead for the producer, I believe creative genesis nonetheless of any film lies with the screenwriter. […]

Review : Tiger

I’ve never been classified as a racist. In fact, when I first heard of racism when I was 7, it confused me as to why it even existed. It still does. I’m open minded. I don’t find someone inferior because of skin colour, I think it’s nice to have a blend of difference. My first […]

The Crescent (Review)

The horror genre possesses an inescapable and misleading reputation for being all murder and jump scares with little substance to offer, which I find leads to a culture of dismissiveness from many a movie-goer. This is certainly the case for numerous horror flicks, yet it is no different from the ups and downs of any […]

The Changeling – Review

I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to horror films. Outside of the occasional episodes of Goosebumps or Are You Afraid of the Dark, I didn’t seriously delve into any kind of scary flick until I was 15 when I embarked on a Friday the 13thmarathon to prepare for my Jason Voorhees costume […]