Exclusive – R e s o n a n c e

Somewhere in the inevitable future there will be changes and technology most of us can’t fathom. There will be androids, electric cars, cyborgs, hybrids and our bodies may be so evolved that we no longer require sleep. It’s the perfect solution for no longer having to say, ‘I just wish I had more time to […]

Residue (Review)

Rough nights and rough days. There’s no telling what power something can hold, if you stumble upon it. Sometimes, something causes a change for everyone. Sometimes, some things like that are best left unknown and even alone. The film focuses on a young man named Luke Harding (James Clayton) finding a new advantage in life […]

Bon Cop, Bad Cop (Review)

In the time I have spent writing for this magazine I have reviewed an array of Canadian films, many of which proudly distinguish themselves as just that, all the while trying to avoid being categorised as American cinema. I can say with confidence, though, that I have seen few as fiercely Canadian as Eric Canuel’s […]

Exclusive – The Stakeout

There are a lot of movies made every year. The best ones with large studio backing are shown in the theaters. The Indy ones make the film festival circuits if they meet the criteria. The audiences are significantly smaller but the appreciation for their contributions are no less valued. Without their efforts we would not […]