Exclusive – FTL is Coming

Imagine for a moment, that George Lucas didn’t bother to create Star Wars. Now imagine that back in 1966, Gene Roddenberry didn’t think the world was ready for Star Trek. Certainly, Sci-fi would not have been fully evolved without their contributions. Together, they inspired the world to imagine gadgets and technology outside the scope of […]

Exclusive – Uniquely Viola

Have you been to the theatre lately? Not to see a movie but rather, a performance that is unforgettable and stays with your memories long after the curtains close and the applause have faded into silence. If you’ve ever been privileged enough to be seated in the audience on a night when 85 year old […]

Goon (Review)

The NHL playoffs kick-off today, and so in the spirit of any sports fan, it seems only right that I review a hockey film this week. Considering that I am more than partial to the works of Jay Baruchel and Evan Goldberg, I decided to watch something written by the duo, the 2011 Michael Dowse-directed […]

Win it All (Review)

Win It All is a one man show. Jake Johnson has been working towards this. Beloved on New Girl, he has since launched himself, with the help of indie filmmaker Joe Swanberg, into a respectable category of up and coming actors realizing their potential. He has finally planted his feet. Johnson reminds me of a […]