One of my favorite perks of writing for this magazine is the people I get to meet. Sometimes it’s at a coffee shop, sometimes we are drinking coffee over skype and sometimes we are merely voices over the phone. No-matter what or how, the gratitude is always very present, on both ends of the conversation. They are extremely pleased to talk about their films and I am equally as anxious to peel away the layers of the production.


I have conducted an interview from the reaches of Africa to the shores of our fine Maritimes. Some of the subjects have been actors, writers, directors, entertainment lawyers and some have been show-runners, wardrobe supervisors, sound design and casting directors. My approach is to try and cover as many aspects of filmmaking and the talent behind a production. In exchange, I’m hoping to bring perspective as well as a preview to the readers of Hollywood North Magazine.


The array of industry insiders I’ve spoken to continue to astound me. Having spoken to folks in Visual Effects and animation has provided me with a new appreciation for the artist behind the entertainment. When I interviewed a casting director, I realized the countless amount of auditions that are absolutely necessary to find the right actors to play the characters. Having amazing luck of finding an entertainment lawyer to provide me with an incredibly detailed window into entertainment do’s and don’ts. Learning about every nuance of sound that is staged and reproduced in a studio to convince our ears it came from the visual depiction on the screen was an ear opener. The talented people working behind the scenes are as important and integral to a frame of film as the color on the screen. One cannot exist without the other.


In terms of the films and documentaries I’ve covered surrounding the subjects, plot lines, characters and discoveries have all been different from the next one. The budgets have varied from two hundred dollars to two million. Comedy, horror, action, webisodes, animations, theatre plays… I’ve had the privilege to hear about them all and translate it within an article. Spellbinding, breathtaking, funny, fabulous and unforgettable are just a few words to describe my inner space when faced with the next taste/flavor of film. The more meat in the sandwich, the more satisfied the palette. The hunger pains are gone by the end of every interview.
In conclusion, having the great opportunity to write for this magazine has afforded me memories and acquaintances, taught me about artists and the business, given me the blueprint for entertainment and shown me the future of Canadian film. I am a screenwriter that moonlights as a magazine writer. It’s been the better part of two years since I came onboard and discovered a passion I never knew existed. Putting in the detective work to find the films and their creators, finding a location to meet and discuss the production and creating a piece to express my reflections.

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