The Brampton Film Commission Office Welcomes You! Part II

Sharon Wilcox has worked in Economic Development for 23 years before coming aboard the Brampton Film Commission Office. If it’s a location you seek, her office is your catalyst. Michael Ciuffini has an extensive background in producing, directing and acting. He understands the language of film and has an extensive knowledge of what is required to create films. Together they are responsible for a 458 % increase since 2013 in enquiries seeking out Brampton as a location for filmmaking.

In speaking with Sharon via telephone, she explained the entire process of making films in Brampton.

“Once a production expresses interest for filming in Brampton, they will send a local location manager to scout out potential sites. If the production company finds the locations fit the aesthetic of their film, the producer, director and cameraman arrive shortly thereafter.”

Film companies tend to acquire their film permits 2-4 months in advance, while TV productions secure them 2-4 weeks in advance.

In consequence to your budget, their office is diligent in satisfying all filmmakers’ needs. As a member of AFCI(Association of Film Commissioners International) it provides them exposure throughout the world.

They also work in conjunction with the Economic Development Office and the OMDC (Ontario Media Development Corporation).

In addition to promoting Brampton as a hotspot for filming, they initialized their first networking event in Brampton.

Sharon also revealed their plans to start up a YouTube channel showcasing interviews with producers, directors and location managers.

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