Lights, Camera, Wardrobe! Part II

Dawn Climie, costume set supervisor, has worked on films such as 50 Shades Of Grey, The Bourne Legacy, Mission Impossible 4, A Team, Tron 2.0, Miami Vice, Fantastic Four and countless others. Her portfolio is constantly growing. Currently she is working on a period piece called The Man In The High Castle based on the novel by Philip K. Dick.

“When you work with big stars and great directors, the key to a successful production comes down to mutual respect and teamwork,” says Dawn.

Considering the A list celebs she’s worked with, I asked her if she had a favourite production that stood out. She gushed as she indicated it was Carol Burnett in Once Upon A Mattress. It was a theatrical style television production with designer Chris Hargadon. The costumes were so elaborate and colorful. The cast was amazing and Carol Burnett was brilliant.

I asked her about the most elaborate/expensive costume she’s encountered; she indicated it was on the film Tron. Costumes cost approximately $100,000.00 and were designed with lights wired throughout them run by battery packs. It was imperative to keep the delicate lights working for every take. Not an easy task on such a physically dynamic show.

Dawn expresses great passion in every project she talks about. Whether she’s dealing with continuity, aging a costume or providing comfortable shoes, the parameters of Dawn’s job extend well beyond the set. She admits she loves every moment of it. After all, it’s art.

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