Lights, Camera, Wardrobe! Part I

Costume set supervisor Dawn Climie began her successful career in wardrobe while working at Stage Polaris theatre in Edmonton, Alberta. While there, Dawn attended NAIT for tailoring and dressmaking. As a student, she was approached to help in the theatre, which then led to an opportunity to work in film. More films in the summer and theatre productions in the winter helped Dawn clarify her career path. Dawn moved to Vancouver seventeen years ago and found her niche as costume set supervisor in film and television.

Before a production begins shooting, months of preparation are spent with the costume designer and build team conceptualizing and creating the wardrobe for the cast.

Dawn’s personal preparation includes reading the script multiple times, breaking down the key elements and meeting with the designer to better understand the designer’s vision for the show.

Dawn takes special note of how the designer and actors create each character’s clothing habits. She wants to learn what motivates actors to wear certain articles and how they wear them. This helps Dawn to maintain the continuity of costume pieces during the shooting process.

There are approximately 800 to 1000 people working in the wardrobe department in and around Vancouver. A strong infrastructure and great crews keeps larger American productions coming back.

Dawn has a keen understanding that commitment to excellence and paying attention to details, from efficient crewing to passionately participating in the designer’s vision, will help keep our Vancouver industry strong.

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