Interview with Risa Stone of Man Eater

One of the interesting things about movies is that they have things go in a way that don’t always turn out as expected. Take for example, Maneater which shows what happens when online dating goes wrong, which in my opinion, is usually all the time. This film tackles the issue which shows when a woman thinks she’s found her match only for him not to be who she expected. Don’t you hate when that happens? I did an interview with actress Risa Stone and she explained a few interesting facts about the movie and her character.


HNMAG: What was it like working with the director?

Risa Stone: Working with Shawn Gerrard is always really cool. We have worked together on other projects as well. I recently starred in his film Space & Time, set to premiere at the 2017 Austin Film Festival in October. Shawn is just such a hands-on director and it really helps to bring out my best work. He has a really clear idea of what he wants and expects and that makes the work that much more awesome.


HNMAG: What do you think of this particular concept?

Risa Stone: Man Eater is a commentary on the Millennial generations relationship with social apps. I think this concept is relevant and I felt compelled to write this particular story because it took online dating past the realm of superficiality and triviality and focused on the real risks that are involved with meeting strangers under false pretenses. Spoiler Alert- this film is a thriller.


HNMAG: Was there something that really got you interested in working on Man Eater?

Risa Stone: Man Eater the first film I’ve written. I had wanted to write for a while and subsequently was told a modern urban legend that I couldn’t get out of my mind. After a few weeks of playing out the story in my head I knew that I couldn’t let this opportunity pass. That same week I came across the application for a grant/ residency with ACTRA for young film makers (YEAA Shorts) and the timing just all seemed to work out.


HNMAG: What did you do to prepare yourself for the character?

Risa Stone: I had actually never used a dating app prior to making this film. I have always preferred meeting men in person but I decided that for me to write accurately I would have to test out some of the apps. A little participant observation shall we say. I created an alias profile and got down to business. A few months later I ran into a friend that said they saw my profile but didn’t know what to make of it all because the name was off.


HNMAG: What was the best part of being involved?

Risa Stone: Nothing is better than creating your own work and seeing it through from start to finish. I had to wear so many hats on this set. Everything from writer to producer to talent all the way to location management and production coordination. It was a major learning experience but the knowledge gained in making your own work is invaluable. The best part for me will be seeing the finished project at ReelWorld Film Festival on October 15th.


HNMAG: Do you believe there will be any plans for a sequel?

Risa Stone: Right now the film has some great options that I am reviewing with my producers Nicole Segal and Andrew Bronfman. I can also guarantee that this is just the beginning for my own work, I already have some others concepts and scripts in development. Stay tuned.

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