Movies to See This (Post-Vic) Weekend

Tomorrowland – Directed by Brad Bird, Tomorrowland focuses on the bond between a man named Frank and an adventurous teen named Casey. The two share the same interest in a scientific discovery that leads them to a mysterious place known as Tomorrowland. Their discoveries cause the world and the two of them to change an awful lot. Seems very similar to classic Disney films and is billed as a movie for the whole family.

Poltergeist – A horror film that combines the genius work of filmmaker Sam Raimi and director Gil Kenan. A family’s home gets possessed by evil spirits which take the youngest daughter hostage. The rest of the family must team up to save her from these deadly beings.

Since there aren’t many movies coming out this weekend, here are some film festivals to check out, depending where you live:

2015 Best of DOXA films – As DOXA’s 2015 film festival in Vancouver was so successful, DOXA has decided to set up an encore screening of their four most popular films: The Forecaster, How To Change The World, Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll, and The Black Panthers: Vanguard Of The Revloution. 

Montreal Underground Film Festival – Over in Montreal, the last two days of the Montreal Underground Film Festival are happening. Films showing include Picture Particles, Carole, Tyndall, Chernozem (Black Earth), and The Shadow Of Your Smile.

Inside Out Film Festival In Toronto, this festival will be presenting its 24th edition this weekend, featuring movies made by people in  the LGBTQ community.


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