6 Upcoming Movies and Lots of Personal Opinions

The Longest Ride – a romantic drama based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks about a love affair between two country folks known as Luke and Sophia. Sounds like a pretty basic love story to me but it’s getting positive reviews.

Danny Collins – Starring Al Pacino, one of the best actors ever, as an aging rockstar. One day when he discovers a letter written to him by John Lennon he decides to change his life around. Certainly sounds more interesting than The Longest Ride.

You’re My Boss – In this Filipino movie, Georgina, an airline executive (played by Toni Gonzaga) plans to win an important deal with foreign investors by introducing her assistant as the president. Not too sure about this one, sounds like it could be funny.

Broken Horses – Two brothers get entangled in organized crime near the U.S.-Mexican border. Sounds pretty intense and full of action. Not completely sure about the story though.

The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet – an adventure movie about a gifted 10-year-old with a huge interest in science living with his family on a ranch in Montana. When a perpetual motion machine he has invented wins an award, he decides to travel on his own to Washington and claim his prize. This one could be exciting.

Leather Life – An Indian movie about a young man who becomes part of the anti-government movement during the 80s and 90s. Those  around him get affected by this movement as well. This movie certainly sounds like it could have an interesting concept to it. I’m always interested in history.


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