Collective Co-op Films

In the city of Vancouver, there’s always the struggle of getting a short film made when one does not have enough connections but still really wants to get a project made. There just so happens to be a small group that meets every two weeks which is perfect for making connections as well as doing script reads of short films. The number of people always varies, but the chances of meeting connections makes it worthwhile as everyone is either trying to let their talents be known, or has been in the industry for a long time and is definitely looking for more projects to get involved in.

Started years ago by Jack Christofferson, the group was originally just a get-together for actors who read scripts, very much like the Vancouver Actors Drop-in or the Cold Reading series. A while later, everyone decided to expand and allow more people in the industry to join, so that some actual projects could be made. Not only demo reel material, but even some short films. Deciding on a name was a bit difficult at first but they finally came up with something that was a bit catchy.

Just yesterday, I decided to try this out myself and see what it was like. Not a whole lot happened, but I did get to go through a script read on an upcoming project that sounds exciting and interesting to shoot. Shortly afterwards, everyone talked about projects they were working on and Jack explained some of the groups history to us. I am definitely looking to return in the future.

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