The Forthcoming of Peter D. Marshall, Director, A.D. and Teacher

When you think of successful directors, usually huge ego is part of that thought. Not in the case of Peter D. Marshall. Having worked in the film business for over 40 years, Peter is one of the most friendly and humble professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Best known for directing the TV series Wiseguy and 1st A.D. work on features like The Butterfly Effect, Happy Gilmore, Dawn of the Dead just to name a few. Peter has also contributed his assistant directing to 16 TV movies.

Peter has been a director, an A.D., and now pays it forward by teaching and offering young directors guidance whenever possible. He came about his extensive resume the old fashioned way, by starting at the bottom and working his way up through the ranks.

“If you want to learn how to direct, get yourself onto a movie set.” Murphy’s Law happens daily and observing how to solve problems will better prepare you as a future director.

Peter started his career in Toronto as a production assistant and camera assistant. Shortly after he moved to Calgary and began producing, writing and directing documentaries. Most of his work at that time centered around educational, public service announcements and industrial themed projects.

He attributes his grounding in producing/writing to his accomplishments in documentary work in Calgary as well as working with John Scott and the late great Les Kimber.

To be continued …

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